13 October 2006


November Sets for Pre-Order on HLJ

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The November Gundam Collection sets are now both available for pre-order on HLJ.com and other sites. The Dendrobium vs Neue Ziel and Gundam Collection NEO 5 sets are $67.66 and $23.88 respectively.

05 October 2006


Better Look at NEO 5 and the 0083 Vehicle Set

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Here are some better pictures of the Dendrobium / Neue Ziel set and NEO 5, both due in Novmeber. These images are courtesy of tom.com on the ToysDaily forum... I'll post clearer pictures when I find them.


30 September 2006


Mega-News Post!

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There has been quite a flood of Gundam Collection news in the past week, so here's a quick overview...

The new issue of Hobby Japan has revealed the NEO 5 lineup and the next model set. NEO 5, pictured to the right, seems to center around the idea of specific mobile suit teams or battles, such as the Black Tri-Stars, the Gundam-Guntank-Guncannon team, the Gyan-Gelgoog-Gundam battle, and Char's Jaburo assault team. The full list includes the Gundam, Guncannon, Guntank, Acguy, Char's Z'gok, Dom, Gyan, Char's Gelgoog, Zudah from MS Igloo, RX-78 GP04G Gerbera, Zaku II F2, Hazel Custom from Advance of Zeta, Blaze ZAKU Phantom, Slash ZAKU Phantom, Strike Noir, and Stargazer. These last few are the previously mentioned figures from Gundam SEED Stargazer. NEO 5 comes out in November.

Hobby Japan also revealed the next model set, an $80 two-pack with the Dendrobium and Neue Ziel. The best picture I've found of this set is at the right...

B-Club is releasing a resin kit of a "late model" Medea in October... there is an unpainted version for about $66 and a painted version for about $110. Click here for a small picture from Hobby Japan.

And as always, with the release of DX5 we now have the full list of alternates... enjoy.

12 September 2006


DX5 and Alpha Azieru Details

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Sorry for not getting these up sooner...

Courtesy of GA-Graphic's G-TOY site, here are high-quality images of the soon-to-be-released DX5 lineup and of the 1/400 scale pilot figures from the 40,000,000th Anniversary giveaway.

And as posted by ToysDaily user tom.com, here are pictures of the Alpha Azieru packaging and instructions from gundambase.com and 1999.co.jp. I haven't purchased this one, so if any of you have it and would like to write a review for us, let me know in the comments. Thanks.

02 August 2006


DX5 Lineup Revealed! [Updated]

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The full DX5 lineup has been revealed, thanks to nonsense on the ToysDaily Forum. Gundam Wing Endless Waltz makes its second major DX appearance, and as noted before Gundam X and MS Igloo make their first appearance in the Gundam Collection line.
  1. Gundam Airmaster Burst in fighter mode (Gundam X)
  2. Gundam Double X (Gundam X)
  3. Gundam Leopard Destroy (Gundam X)
  4. Full Armor Nu Gundam (Char's Counterattack MSV)
  5. Ze'Gok (MS Igloo)
  6. Deathscythe (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)
  7. Heavyarms (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)
  8. Wing Gundam (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)
  9. Sandrock (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)
  10. Nataku (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)
  11. Dreissen (ZZ Gundam)
  12. Bawoo in Glemy Toto colors (ZZ Gundam)
  13. Bawoo Mass Production Type (ZZ Gundam)
  14. Qubeley Mass Production Type (ZZ Gundam)
  15. Schuzrum Dias (ZZ Gundam)
All in all, I'd say that is a pretty impressive lineup, though with figures from 5 different series in 3 different universes, it is rather diverse...

[Updated] Attached larger picture.